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Christina Curls curly website has been in the making for the past 6 years. In 2006 Christina attended a Deva Concepts cut, color training and certification class. This class focused on specific cut, color techniques and hair care maintenance for curly clients. This interested Christina enough to return multiple times in future months to gather as much information as she could about cutting techniques and Deva’s unique product line. Since Christina had a solid working knowledge of cutting and coloring curly techniques, as well as 5 years of platform work for the Wella Corporation, Christina was asked to assist with platform duties for Deva at the Orlando hair show in 2007.


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  • Dry Curl Cuts
  • Color Services
  • Curl Education
  • Pintura
  • Curl Treatments
  • and more...
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Christina had been a curly girl her entire life and now had become very interested in a company that addressed the specific needs and a problem associated with all types of curls and curl maintenance. She took it upon herself to become the “Guru of Curls” in the South and to educate herself on every aspect of cut, color and maintenance of curly girls from all around the world. Check out review and transformation page to see what clients are saying about Christina.

She used her current salon and photography studio with partner, Bryan Hiner, as the training ground for her curly girl research. In 2009, she began to actively promote her salon through the #1 resource for curly hair on the web to seek out all people who struggled to find a great hairdresser, who actually understood their unique problems associated with their particular hair.

If there is any doubt of Christina Carsillo’s skills in regards to this much neglected market, they will be dismissed once you look over images, information, reviews, videos and our blog page associate with the website.

Please come back to this website and blog, but also check out Facebook for additional information about different cut, color and maintenance tips for curly hair.